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2015 Year End Wrap Up from KLA Web Designs

2015 is wrapping up fast. I don’t know about you, but the year flew by. In July of 2015, we shared our views on the top 4 website trends from our clients’ point of view. In this blog post, we just want to provide a year-end update. (Here's the link to our July 2015 Mid-Year Update)

Increased demand for e-commerce stores – Including design and updates

Yes, the demand has continued to increase. We have seen more requests for update and maintenance support for our clients’ stores and stores built by other designers. During the holiday season kickoff, we provided tips and free e-commerce store reviews to help our clients maximize their holiday sales. 

More complex website projects – Average completion time has increased, as well as value

Average completion time has increased due to increased project complexity. This also means that our clients' businesses are growing. Our clients have returned to us, to help take their websites to the next level. In addition to website design, we offer custom programming and coding services for PHP, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript.

Increased website maintenance requests – 200% increase in active update contracts

We have expanded our website maintenance request services. Our clients can focus on running their businesses, not their websites. In addition, we answer questions and provide recommendations for new services and products to improve both offline and online productivity and efficiency.

Website conversions (results) over website traffic – Quality traffic improves bottom line

We have added an additional partner who specializes in SEO and website traffic conversion. The results achieved, so far, have been outstanding and impressive. Our clients value not “having to chance it” with an unknown company they found on the internet.  

Special Thank You!

We would like to thank all of our clients, workshop participants, and webinar viewers for allowing us the opportunity to help you get more out of your website. We would not be where we are without you all -- you help us keep doing what we love.

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Tip: #126: 3 Ways Website Consulting Can Benefit your Business

Website Consulting is the delivery of services that provides options to resolve your toughest website/internet related issues. Here are just a few benefits:


Fix issues that tank your website in search engine rankings.
Most DIY website owners overlook the importance of search engine rankings. It’s more than just being ranked; it’s about being ranked highly enough so people know about your business. 


Get more clients with increased visitor conversions
Everybody else focuses on more traffic. But to make money, you need for the traffic to make a purchase, pick up the phone, provide contact information or do something you can act on. For your website to be effective, you need to convert more visitors.


Learn how to increase your website ROI (return on investment)
You might spend hours every month on your website. In addition, you have hosting, domain name, email, and many other fees. You do need a website, but also it should provide increased return on investment, over time.


Call or text at 910-475-7805 to schedule your FREE 20 minute personalized Q&A session to learn more about how we can help get these benefits and more. 


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Tip #123: 3 Steps to take now to prepare your website for Black Friday or Cyber Monday!

REVIEW every page of your website

Make sure every product has a picture.  Read out loud every page of content. Also check to make sure everything is loading properly.

FINALIZE your product or service specials or coupons

Research your competition. Make a compelling offer. Make it easy to redeem and include reasonable terms and limitations.

PREPARE for possible downtime

Have your website host and webmaster (if applicable) contact information out and readily available. If your site goes down, you won’t have time to waste searching for contact information.

As you complete these steps, you will see other issues on your website that need to be addressed. Carve out some time today, before your carve the turkey or ham, to make the best of the Holiday Season 2015.

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Tip #120: 3 Things to Update on your Website before the Thanksgiving Break

As you make plans for business over the Thanksgiving break, don’t forget about your website. Here are 3 quick things to do before you head out for the week:

CHECK contact form
Send a test message. Thanksgiving is also the start of the busiest shopping season and a lot of time off work. You definitely don’t want to miss any sales or inquiries due to a ‘Lost in Space’ website message.

POST Holiday Hours
Determine what hours/days customers can expect a reply. If in the mountains, you probably won’t have any internet or phone capabilities. It’s always best to communicate ahead of time.

LOCATE contact information for your webmaster
This is important if you have an emergency or you don’t contact them very often. If you maintain your own site, have the telephone number for your website host. Also consider any website logins you may need while traveling/on the road.

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Tip #118: 3 Functions to INCLUDE on Your Business Website

1. Contact Form
Hot leads directly to your inbox improve your closing rate. You could be losing thousands of dollars because your leads move onto your competitor.
Tip: Keep the form short and capture relevant information.

2. Traffic / Visitor Analytics
Data helps you make better business decisions about your website. Using opinions, hunches, and guesses for investment decisions can cause you to lose time, money, and growth.
Tip: Start with 3 – 5 metrics.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
HIGH search engine rankings help grow your business faster. There is no point of having 1,000 hits per day if they aren’t prospective buyers.
Tip: Understand SEO is a continuous process and not a ‘set it and forget it.’

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Tip #114: How a Child Theme can save you hours and headaches

Have you spent hours and hours customizing your WordPresstm theme, just to update and LOSE everything? You can avoid losing all of your customizations by installing a child theme. You can update the “parent” theme without losing your personalized customization in the “child” theme. Save yourself a headache with these steps:


1. Backup your website.
It is a good practice, before making any non-content changes, to back up your website files. If you have to undo something, you can easily.

2. Install a child theme plugin.
Visit the official WordPresstm plugin directory. Carefully evaluate each option before making a final selection.

3. Carefully convert your current theme to a child theme.
Be sure to read the plugin instructions. Use the built-in functionality to test your child theme before making it final.

If all of this freaks you out or you don’t want to make a costly mistake, we can install a child theme for you. We specialize in these types of projects for our do it yourself website owners who need just a little bit of help from time to time.

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Tip #111: 3 quick tips to get more out of WordPress site this holiday season

About 20% of our clients have WordPressTM sites. WordPressTM is a very popular website content management system (CMS) that allows flexibility to create and build your own website.  When we work with new WordPressTM sites, here are the first three (3) things we do to help keep their websites running smooth:

1. Update to the latest version.

According to, less than 50% of the WordPressTM sites are running the latest version. Your site has a greater risk for hacking and/nor not being able to access/update your site if running ANY older version.

2. Login to the admin side and update EVERYTHING.

Plugins don’t update automatically, so you need to go in and manually update them. Before updating anything, backup all files, so if you need to reverse, you can. Login weekly to check. 

3. Subscribe to your security plugins newsletter.

Get direct information from your security plugin delivered to your email box. Avoid the pain of lost sales because you didn’t know about the latest security issue BEFORE it reached your site.


Spend time building your business and not struggling with WordPressTM


We offer WordPressTM refresh services that start at just $295 (one-time) and Monthly WordPressTM management services that start just $55/per month.

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Community Based Organization Showcase - Junction City Caring Place

The Junction City Caring Place, Inc. (JCCP) is a faith-based non-profit 501c3 organization, which was established in 2004. As a vision of Living Word International Ministries, they are in their 11th year of operation. JCCP provides FREE – Food, Clothing, Medical Care, and Case Management services. Service areas include Junction City, Fort Riley, Manhattan, and surrounding Flint Hills area communities.

We revised their website around October 2014. The previous website wasn’t user friendly, difficult to update, and didn’t accurately reflect the mission of the Junction City Caring Place.

Challenges faced in the redesign included: limited budget, lack of content, and uncertainty with maintaining the newly designed. We met with the marketing team and executive director twice a month over 3 months. We walked through each step of the redesign process that included: selecting a unique and memorable domain name, color scheme, photo selection, content, and more.

Results include 25% more traffic, 15% increase in volunteer sign-ups, and a significant increase in online donations.

At KLA Web Designs, we offer discounted services for qualified non-profits. It's what we do to help our community members.

Take a few minutes to visit the website, share the site on social media, or donate.

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Tip #103: ASK these 5 questions to get the RIGHT website designer for your NPO

Think of your website as the focal point of your marketing program for your organization. The website will play a key role in helping your organization reach both its online and offline marketing goals. The website designer you hire will have a major impact on successful or failure. It is overwhelming to take this leap of faith. Here are 5 questions to ask before hiring a website designer for your non-profit organization:

1. Do you a portfolio or examples? Too many times, groups have hired companies who have no experience in website design. Always look at portfolios to not only check out skill level, but also brand/design compatibility, types of websites, and possible companies to contact for references.

2. Who will control the finished website – you or our organization? Is it going to take months for them to “get around to it?” Carefully, consider if you want them have total control, shared, or no control. There are many websites that have been abandoned, or lost, because this wasn’t outlined.

3. What are the initial and ongoing costs? Some companies offer a low initial rate and then it skyrockets after a year or 6 months. Be sure to get, in writing, the initial costs and ongoing costs. This is also important for budgeting to continue and maintain the investment.

4. Is this your primary career or just a side job? This is important. What happens when you need assistance to redesign or add a new feature? This can be detrimental to a non-profit.

5. Do you work with any other non-profits? Working with non-profits is different than working with for profits. We understand how non-profits operate and how they have different marketing needs. We maintain an active part in our community, and we regularly offer special pricing for non-profits.

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Tip #102: Developing a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) website update plan in 5 easy steps

Having a website for your NPO can help gain more supporters and volunteers and serve more people in your community. The rewards are great when you keep your NPO website updated. Here are the five (5) easy steps I recommend to develop a website update plan for your NPO website:

Step 1: Gather all logins and passwords

If this is the only step you do, you will be ahead of the curve. A wonderful plan is useless if you don’t have access to execute the plan. As a long-time website designer, developer, and website manager, this is the first order of business. In some cases, the entire website would be scraped and a new one would be started, wasting time, energy, and money.

Step 2: Determine who will do the updates

Assigning a team of volunteers helps spread the workload, creates opportunities for cross-training and continuity, and allows for more buy-in. Identifying the update team EARLY makes an update plan easier to create. The plan created will be sure to consider technical skill level and identify tasks that may need to be outsourced.

Step 3: Determine how much time you will be able to devote each week

If your organization is very active, the website might need to be updated weekly. We recommend have a specific person responsible for the more frequent updates (such as date changes, event updates, etc.) and another person assigned for the less frequent updates (such as content rewrites/updates.) For less active organizations, once a month will be suitable. Be flexible and focus on keeping the website updated, as needed.

Step 4: Have a complete listing of your pages, content, and functions/plugins

This might be the most difficult part, but doing this well, will save you time in the long run. Look at this graphic to get a listing of all of the pages. You will have to log into your site to get a listing of functions and plugins (if on a content management system, like WordPressTM). With this listing, you will now assign an update frequency (as needed, weekly, monthly, or annually). The major aspects of the website will now be easy to identify and manage.

Step 5: Align your plan with the organization’s activity calendar and goals

Having organizational buy-in makes this step easy to achieve. Major projects and activities FAIL because someone didn’t quite understand the importance of sharing information TIMELY for the website management team. Every time a new event is announced, be sure to ask “What, if any, information needs to be added/updated on the website?” Eventually, this will become automatic.

Implement these 5 (five) steps and you will be well on your way to an effective website for your NPO. We can help you setup your NPO website; provide advice on the best platforms, and more.

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Tip #101: 5 questions to ask when designing a site for your NPO

Since my early teenager years, I’ve been involved in various community based and volunteer organizations. I have built, maintained, and consulted on many NPO (non-profit organization) websites. Answer these questions, realistically, and you will be well on your way to an effective, affordable, and professional website for your NPO:

Question 1: In what ways will having a website help us fulfill our mission?
It shows when an organization skips this question. To be successful, you should have a better answer than "Some other organization has one." Here are ways your website can help serve the community:

  • Share client and member stories and testimonials
  • Collect donations and post fundraising details
  • Post pictures, videos, webinars, reports, and more for donors

Question 2: Have we identified ALL of the target audiences for our website?
Each group has specific needs, wants, and questions that should be addressed on your website. Keep in mind these target audiences to when developing your website:

  • Community
  • Members
  • Donors/Sponsors

Question 3: Who will keep the website updated?
An outdated website could indicate poor planning, or an unstable organization. You want a responsive, mobile ready, and easy to update website. Determining who will keep your website updated will help you save time and money in the long run. Most organizations have these roles, as options:

  • Staff
  • Volunteer
  • 3rd party

Question 4: What features do we need? What features do we want?

Some features might be included with your hosting. Other more advanced features might require additional programming or skill level. Look at similar organizations for ideas. Typical features include:

  • Subscribe to Newsletter
  • Donation Button
  • Contact Form

Question 5: How much is the first year budget? How much is the ongoing budget?

Some organizations just go with the most popular and free builder. There are many unfinished websites. Know your budget limitations BEFORE starting. This will allow your organization to build as you grow, and your budget allows. Typical fees include:

  • Domain Name, Email Addresses, and Hosting
  • Plugins and Transaction Fees
  • Initial Design and Setup Fees

Building a website for your NPO follows a structure similar to your programs and projects. As with any program, you determine the desired outcomes or goal, identify the target audiences, determine tasks and roles, and develop a budget. Take a look at a recent project – – Junction City (Kansas) Caring Place.

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Tip #94: How Physical Therapy applies to your website – Website Assessments

Download the mp3 file

Below is the audio transcript:

Good afternoon, everyone.

This is Katrina from KLA Web Designs helping busy entrepreneurs finally get more out of their website.

Today, I’m going to share how physical therapy can apply to your website.

I recently started a program to help ease my upper arm pain. When I went and did the assessment, it was discovered that the reason why my arm hurts is because my back shoulder muscles weren’t doing the heavy lifting.

Sometimes, I find that websites aren’t getting the results we want due to the things that seem unrelated. You might have your unique and quality content. Your site is search engine optimized.

But after I do an assessment, sometimes I find your website hosting platform is holding you back or some other type of technology.

So just like I have my 12 exercises to do, twice a day, my website assessment reports provide you daily tasks that help you finally get more out of you website.

This is Katrina with KLA Web Designs. Take care and have a good week. Bye Bye!

Download the mp3 file

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Tip #93: Create an effective WEBSITE plan in 3 easy steps – What, When and Who!

You have invested time, money, and talent into your website. What do you do after the site is launched? Benefits of keeping your website updated include better security, more business and income, and more traffic. Having a website that grows with your business and meets the needs of your customers/clients is an ongoing process. Fortunately, it is a repeatable process. Follow these 3 steps to establish a good foundation to get more out of your website.

Step 1: What?

What needs to be updated? Obviously, page content might need to be updated. Remember to check functionality, like your payment options or your contact form. Sometimes, you might have plugins or security features that need to be updated. Start a listing of every page, every feature, and every plugin.

Step 2: When?

When does each page need to be updated? The frequency I generally use when creating update plans for my clients are: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, and As Needed. For example, your company history might be updated quarterly, but the staff page only every once in a while. Write down the expected frequency of updates for the list you started in Step 1.

Step 3: Who?

Who will update your website? For most of the content updates, you or a staff member will be able to handle. You might need help for the more technical/coding updates. Consider having a website designer AND website developer in your partner network you can pay, as needed, for these updates. Update your website update plan with who will make these updates – You, an employee, or a 3rd party.

It is best to create a website update plan, as you build your site. But it is never too late to start. We can create a customized plan for your website that includes over 15 years of experience, extensive resource network, and use of many different website building platforms, contact us today.

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Tip #84: The 5 must have pages for an effective website

In tip #83, one of the lessons listed the 5 pages to start at when developing content for your website. This week, we dig a little deeper into the importance of these pages and tips to use these pages to get more out of your website.

It sets the stage for the rest of the user experience on your website. Use words, images, and video to get users to take action. Just like your home, you want it to be inviting and not overwhelming.

  • Limit the amount of large pictures and video
  • Include a call to action
  • Make sure information is current

Products and/or Services
This page gets the second most website traffic. This is your opportunity to show and tell users about the benefits (what’s in it for them) and features (what it is, and what it does). Present and share information from potential clients’ point of view.

  • Use simple and descriptive language to describe your services or products (Red versus burgundy)
  • Use high quality images and videos
  • List at least 3 benefits and features for each service or product

Even though this page is about “you”, it should tell the user why they should want or need to work with or buy from you. Use this page to show why you care and how you can help.

  • Answer the question: How does your expertise align with their needs?
  • Include a professional, high quality photo, especially if you are a service provider
  • Include at least one testimonial, as well as qualifications

These frequently asked questions are asked repeatedly and can result in confusion and lost revenue. Use this page to improve your customer experience and free up more time providing actual customer service.

  • Provide value and additional information
  • Keep organized and in sections, if more than 10
  • Write from your client’s point of view

This is typically the most overlooked page. They are ready to reach out and get started. Shoppers look at this page, before making a purchase, to make sure you are reachable if there is an issue.

  • Include a contact form AND email
  • Test the functionality of the contact form and email
  • Include social media links

Remember, this can serve as a starting point or a good checklist to review. If you would like help developing content for your website, CONTACT US  ( today to schedule your complimentary 30 minute session or visit CONTENT WRITING ( for more information. 

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Tip #83: 3 Back to School Lessons for Effective Website Design

Students and teachers across the country are returning back to the classrooms. Summer unofficially ends Labor Day Monday. Now is a great time for a back to school lesson about good website design. Here are the top 3 design principles we still use to help our clients create and maintain effective, affordable, and professional websites:  

Lesson 1 – Identify target audience
“Who am I trying to attract to my website?”
Real people make the final buying decision. There is a misplaced FIRST focus on SEO (search engine optimization) but the search engines don’t buy anything; they just deliver the most relevant content to the users first. Use these questions to help get you in the right mindset.

  • What do they need and want?
  • What type of lifestyle do they have?
  • What are their income and wealth levels?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do in their spare time? Do they have spare time?

Lesson 2 – Develop content
Content is simply the words, pictures, and videos included on your website.
When making a buying decision, keep it easy to understand and follow. If you don’t have content for these pages, then you might need to rethink your business.

  • Home – Is it inviting? Does it look someone lives here?
  • Products and/or Services – This is what you are ‘selling’, either shoes (physical) or coaching (intangible)
  • About –What need or want does your product or service fulfill? Why should I work with you versus your competitor?
  • FAQ – What is your return policy? How can I order by telephone? Do you offer payment plans?
  • Contact – Include all available ways you can be reached so if there are questions, we can contact you.

Lesson 3 – Implement functionality
Do all parts of your website work like intended?

It is frustrating when your favorite shopping site crashes right before you hit the “payment” button or the “send” button doesn’t work when you are just about to send a message requesting more information. Consider how your website will work on different devices, browsers, and screen sizes of your users. Test. Test. Test. Many resources are available to help develop and implement a robust functionality testing program. Every function contributes to the overall user experience.

We know that summer 2015 has been either too short (students) or too long (parents). Keep these 3 tips in mind as you continue getting more out of your website. If you would like help to identify your target audience, develop your website content, and/or improve your website functionality, contact us today to schedule your complimentary 30 minute session.

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Tip #81: Top 3 MUST HAVE website features for the busy entrepreneur

As a busy entrepreneur, you don’t have the time to spend hours searching for a suitable website host for business website. It’s rough the first time around, and even more difficult the second time around. I completely understand your frustration, as I've helped 100's of people find a host that works for them. So here are the top three (3) features you should look for when selecting your website host, unless you want to torture yourself: 

#1: Includes mobile ready and responsive templates
Your website users are sophisticated and expect to see websites that resize automatically and can be viewed on their smartphones. You can waste a lot of time and money creating a website that most of your visitors can’t access or use. Before finalizing your selection, check out the demo site on your smartphone and resize your browser window to see how it will function. Sites that aren’t responsive AND mobile ready may be ranked lower in search engine results, and not to mention lost clients (and money).

#2: Ability to edit/add customized HTML/CSS/JavaScript or code
If you are investing in a website for your business, you should definitely select a website host that will allow you (or your website programmer) the ability to add custom or special code. You will need to have the ability to add a line or 2 of code to integrate social media content to your website. It is always easier and less expensive to find a website designer than it is to get a new website created to implement a needed feature. Sites that don’t allow this type of access limit opportunities for website optimization and improvement.

#3: Telephone support
Email is great, but emailing back and forth is time consuming and you still might not have your issue resolved. Look for multiple telephone numbers and hours of availability for WHEN (not if) you need live help. You probably don’t have the 2 – 3 hours to spend on the phone and ready in front of a computer to get a 2 minute question answered. Sites that don’t have telephone support could leave you in a bad situation, at the time when you it can negatively impact your business the most.

About half of my new clients hire us to move their websites to hosting systems that provide these top three (3) features.  There are definitely more. If your website does NOT have these features, we can help make the transition smoother. We have a step by step program that helps you get your new and improved site up right away.

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Tip #74: You have a FB Business page, now what! 3 Quick Things to do on your FaceBook page TODAY!

This is part 4 in a 4 part series about FaceBook business pages. In addition to helping busy entrepreneurs finally get more out of their website, we also help them use FaceBook to drive more traffic to their websites and make more money. Here are 3 quick things you can do, in about 30 minutes that will help you get more out of your FaceBook business page.

Update Your Cover Photo

When was the last time you updated your cover photo? You can use your cover photo to highlight a new product or service. Avoid low quality images. Your cover photo allows you customize your page to match your brand. ( is a great online resource we use everyday.

Review your Page Insights

Your page insights can tell you which posts and types of posts perform well. In my experience, the top performing posts are those with an image. Reviewing your page insights will help determined what’s working and what isn’t. Page insights can be confusing, but luckily, FaceBook, has many resources to help. Here’s a link: FaceBook Page Insights Help (

Plan your Next 4 Posts

Do you have an upcoming sale? Have you recently launched a new service or product? Planning your posts in groups of 4 helps you create higher quality posts, improve consistent, and helps establish your brand. Your FaceBook page fans will see you as an expert in your field, and that will increase engagement.



Just remember, provide value, engage, and respond to your FaceBook fans. They will thank you for it by using your services, buying your products, and recommend you to others.

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Tip #73: Avoid these Top 3 Mistakes on FaceBook for Business

This week, we continue with how to get more out of FaceBook for your business. Not a week goes by that a client or prospective client asks about how to get more out of FaceBook. This week, I would like to share the top 3 mistakes I’ve seen so far this year. As always, be sure to check with FaceBook to know and understand the latest policies and procedures.

Mistake #3:  Using low quality graphics
Brand image is so important, especially online. You always want to put your best image forward every time. There are many FREE online graphic creation programs.
How to fix: Learn basic design principles you can implement into future graphics you create.

Mistake #2: Assuming all of your FB page followers see all of your posts
With the changes in FB and how posts appear in newsfeeds, the majority of your posts are NOT seen by your page followers. Even if your content is outstanding, it does no good if we can’t see it to even act on it.
How to fix: Boost posts, pay for ads, and share across multiple groups.

Mistake #1: Not converting FB followers into paying clients
Focus on building relationships with your followers. If people don’t trust you can help them solve their problem, save time, or avoid an undesirable outcome, you won’t get their business. FaceBook is like any other tool your marketing toolbox.
How to fix: Implement a FB follower conversion strategy.

We can help you fix these mistakes. We can work together to share basic design principles and resources, develop an FB posting schedule and strategy, and help you convert followers into paying clients. Contact us TODAY to get your FREE FaceBook strategy review session.

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Tip #72: Make more Money on FaceBook with Ads, Boosted Posts, and Groups

Last week’s post, 3 Quick Tips to get MORE out of FaceBook, generated a lot of questions and discussion. So this week, I would like to share an overview about the few different ways you can use FaceBook to increase your business income and brand. As always, be sure to check with FaceBook to know and understand the latest policies and procedures.

You’ve seen these FaceBook ads. They have appeared in your news feed or along the side of your feed. These ads can be targeted to any FaceBook user, not only those who already like your page. An example of a FaceBook is ad is a link to a free download on your website. A few of my clients have used ads to build up their email listing and others have used to drive traffic to their website for product purchases. Ads do have various fees attached and with proper targeting, compelling copy, and a good incentive, ads can be an effective part of your marketing spending.

Boosted Posts
A boosted post appears higher in the news feed for your business pages likes and a targeted audience. It is similar to you sending a letter to all of your mailing list recipients. An example of a boosted post is a special offer only available to those who already like your page. A common timing for boosted posts is around holidays and business anniversaries. Boosted posts also have fees and can offer a good return on investment.

Being in a FaceBook group is the online equivalent to being a part of a local, offline networking group. Either starting a group or even being a part of a group that consists of your target audience, can help you find more leads and grow your business. Be selective on the groups you choose to be in. Select groups that aren’t filled spam, have active moderators/administrators, and align with your business goals and strategies. It is easy to find groups. Just search for your business key words and you will find associated groups under the “More” tab. Generally, there are no fees associated with being in FaceBook groups but there is a time commitment. Even 15 minutes a day, to actively participate in groups, can yield significant returns on your time and energy. You can also start a group for your clients and prospective clients and utilize your group to maintain and grow relationships.

Related Resources:

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The Season of More: E-Commerce Stores, Complex Projects, Maintenance Requests, and Results

It’s been a great year so far at KLA Web Designs. So before enjoy the endless fireworks and food for the 4th of July weekend 2015, I would like to briefly share the top 4 trends we've noticed so far in another fabulous year for KLA Web Designs:

Increased demand for e-commerce stores
Online stores are created to complement existing store front locations but most are new online businesses being started from the ground up. We have provided online web store setup, consultation, and revamping services. Our easy to follow, consistent, and detailed process helps you cover all of the bases:  The law, your clients, and your business goals.

More complex website projects
A few years ago, business owners were bombarded with “You need a website.” Now, many already have a website, but they need it to do more so they can continue to grow their business. I’ve been designing websites since 1998. I have the experience, knowledge, and resources to help you solve your tougher website problems at an affordable price. Some of our more complex website projects so far have included a 100+ plus item store with 2 payment options, a 250+ plus membership site, and countless local service provider client portal sites.

Increased website maintenance requests
Since the overall economy has recovered, more of my clients still have their full time jobs and separate and very successful sidelines businesses. They still want time to spend with their families and engage in other pursuits.  We help them by updating and maintaining their websites. We are expanding our website maintenance request service offerings in the 2nd half of the year.

Website conversions (results) over website traffic
I’ve been helping more clients not only drive traffic to their website, but turn those visitors into paying customers. Clients are getting more calls, more inquires, more sales, and hiring new staff to handle the increased business. We helped them implement strategies that got the results they needed.

Special Thank You!
We would like to thank all of our clients for allowing us the opportunity to help you get more out of your website. We look forward to helping you even more and working with more busy entrepreneurs in the 2nd half of the year. We will be offering new products and services to help your website generate more money for your business.
Join our twice a month newsletter for more tips and announcements delivered straight to your inbox.

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